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About Us

Worker-Owners of the Cooperative New School

The Cooperative New School for Urban Studies and Environmental Justice (The CNS) is not only a school, but an institutional basis for community-based change and cooperative development. The faculty and staff will be worker-owners and the students will be consumer-owners. By January 2018, The CNS will be wholly owned by the faculty, staff, and students.

Susan Diane Mitchell

Susan Diane Mitchell Photo

Susan Diane Mitchell is a transformative thought leader and a faculty owner at CNSUSEJ, focusing primarily on the cooperative economy and the community land trust model. She is also a community organizer, artist, and visionary with a background in literature, cultural studies, and transformative studies.

Paul Rogé

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I am a scholar-activist-educator based out of California. My current projects include faculty owner at The Cooperative New School, agroecology educator at the Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA), and food systems lecturer at UC Berkeley.

CNE Corbin

CNE Corbin Photo

C.N.E. Corbin is a PhD Candidate at the University of California, Berkeley in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management within the Division of Society & Environment.

Bethany Nelson

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Bethany is currently a PhD. Candidate at the University of Tennessee, Department of Sociology. Her research areas are critical criminology and critical race theory. Much of her work centers around dark tourism and economic development.

Our History and Our Predecessors

The Cooperative New School for Urban Studies and Environmental Justice (The CNS), like Magic City Agriculture Project, is a combination of the models of The Federation of Southern Cooperatives and Highlander Research and Education Center, the two most important movement organizations in the South. In contrast to MCAP, The CNS uses a cooperative business model instead of a non-profit business model. It is an institution rooted in Southern movements and hopes to replicate the legacies of its elder organizations. Like The Federation and Highlander, The CNS aims to bring the advantages of the Southern movement to the rest of the world.