Reflecting on Beginnings

Let me take a moment to brag on our team. Bethany Nelson, Paul Rogé, Susan Diane Mitchell, Carolyn Finney, Heather Covington, Felicia Harris-Daniels, C Natasha Corbin are some of the most amazing people that I've ever been around. Everyone is contributing to the team and since we've been incorporated (May), we've gotten a contract with the Woodlawn Foundation, we've created a website, and we've hosted two webinars.

I've been in a reflective moment on the work after the training at the Woodlawn Foundation we've done together over the past year, and I truly believe that this is going to work. Whenever you start something new, there's always this nagging feeling that it ain't going to work.

And I think our work is important. Everyone knows that I love Birmingham; it's a wonderfully weird place and I'm wonderfully weird. We've been able to bring resources to this city by building a national network. Corbin led the Embracing Diversity, Difference, and Inclusion webinar which was attended exclusively by Birmingham residents. Paul is teaching the Agroecology (indigenous farming techniques) webinar this month and bringing experience from four countries and two continents. I believe that we are accomplishing our two fold mission to serve the community and make money for our team. We're cutting the price on the webinars as well, hopefully before July 22, the next webinar.

There's still a lot of work to do. We need more people taking the webinars and we need to do a low cost guerilla marketing campaign. There are some small internal issues that need to be addressed and we need a strategic plan. We also need to expand to other markets. We're planning an internal works session August 19th-21st where our owners from all over the country will converge on Birmingham to build relationships and plan our future. We're also going to have a meet and greet at a local brewery.

I kinda get in my feelings when I think about our team and the work we're doing. I've worked so hard over the past 8 plus years that I've been in Birmingham and for the most part, with no pay. Now, there is the real potential to get paid for doing what I love, fighting for our shared freedom.