Disobedience. The story of a mature couple taking a turn to a life of greater well-being than the previous ambitions they clung to.

Given the multiple crises scenario of this 2020, this month we invite you to a great premiere that gives us an option of hope and authenticity. A wonderful proposal to enjoy and share an afternoon with your loved ones.

Desobediencia. La historia de una pareja madura que da un giro a una vida de mayor bienestar que las anteriores ambiciones a las que se aferraban.

Ante el escenario de crisis múltiples de este 2020, este mes de mayo los invitamos a un gran estreno que nos da una opción de esperanza y autenticidad. Una maravillosa propuesta para disfrutar una tarde y compartir con los seres amados.

The Cooperative New School and Popular Education

As some of you know, I'm semi-retired from organizing. I love the people who I'm close to that I did work with, but I can no longer handle the pressure and the toxic personalities so prevalent with movement work. There are many that I miss, but there are also many that I don't miss at all.

The Politics of Publishing

What shapes the reputation of academic institutions? The accreditation process in the United States intends to "ensure that institutions of higher education meet acceptable levels of quality."1 While this is certainly important, accreditation agencies that are responsible for ensuring compliance with national standards are private educational associations with their own guidelines for membership of new institutions. They make their own rules.

Objectivity, Subjectivity, and Democracy

Objectivity is the notion that unbiased fact can be established through a disciplined method of thinking.  The concept was invented by Enligtenment thinkers who needed a way to subvert the notion of divine right of kings.  It has been used for years as the basis of democracy Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan's quote, "everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts."  It must also be noted the one of Moynihan's facts is a report that ushered in the era of cultural racism in American policy.