Cooperatives and Community Land Trusts

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Led by Susan Diane Mitchell
Susan Diane Mitchell's Photo Susan Diane Mitchell

This webinar will be held from 1-3pm Central time on August 26, 2017.

The New Democratic Economy is gaining momentum as grassroots people work to create sustainable, healthy, enriching communities by returning to a place-based worldview that promotes values of sharing, compassion, creativity, regeneration, and self-determination. Worker-owned cooperatives and community land trusts (CLTs) are viable, effective solutions to the chronic poverty, unemployment, non-liveable wages, impoverished living conditions, displacement, and homelessness.

Worker-owned cooperatives and CLTs have different yet ancient worldviews, models and values. Profit or market-driven practices are dismantled or circumvented as intrinsically unjust, and ethics of care, equity, and regenerative communities become the new asset-based community development (ABCD) models. The unspoken, often camouflaged ideas of removing the undesirable poor as part and parcel of urban development are transformed by ABCD practices.Community land trusts (CLTs) can successfully create regenerative, thriving communities by putting neglected, abandoned or underused land spaces of distressed communities into a trust that is stewarded by the community members themselves. This land is taken out of the speculators market and put into a commons, land owned or used jointly by the residents of a community.

It is imperative as the revitalization of cities increases rapidly that the significant number of residents who are low to moderate income have a way to remain, avoiding displacement, eviction, and price out with a good quality of life and all of the dignities that the human right to home affords.

Everyone who is a member of a CLT has one equal vote which is exercised in the good and proper decision making for the whole. CLTs can act as a strategy to catalyze a regenerative economic movements through permanently affordable housing and homeownership opportunities and cooperatively owned business that meet the needs of the community members, stakeholders and residents.

This workshop will give an interactive overview of worker-owned cooperatives and community land trusts by chronicling the histories of the cooperative and CLT movements globally, and particularly in the South. We will discuss the real-time journey of the Dynamite Hill- Smithfield CLT, the first CLT in Jefferson County, AL, and to use it as a working model for community development practitioners to "play" with constructing a CLT from a grassroots level.

August 26th, 2017 1:00 PM through  3:00 PM
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