Online Courses

Dates: February 8, 2020 - April 18, 2020

In a time of rising cultural contradictions, the working class has become contested territory. The working class has become increasingly racialized with media and political leaders exacerbating these divisions for political gain. This class aims to define the contested white working class on our own terms including putting forth the notion that the white working class only exists as a political football and that the historical term redneck meant a multiracial class alliance. The empirical evidence for such a definition will be drawn from film and music in this six week class over three months.

Dates: February 19, 2020 - June 10, 2020

As critique, political ecology seeks to expose dominant approaches to the environment favored by corporate, state, and international authorities, working to demonstrate the undesirable impacts of policies and market conditions, especially from the point of view of local people, marginal groups, and vulnerable populations. It works to “denaturalize” certain social and environmental conditions, showing them to be the contingent outcomes of power, and inevitable.

Dates: March 14, 2020 - April 11, 2020

This three-part class provides a space to play with ideas by employing scenarios and vision work that connect people and place while exploring the challenges and possibilities of constructing environmentally and socially just cities. By bringing urban studies, urban political ecology, and critical race theory into relationship with popular media, we will explore the visual and spatial politics of real and imagined cities.