Disobedience. The story of a mature couple taking a turn to a life of greater well-being than the previous ambitions they clung to.

Given the multiple crises scenario of this 2020, this month we invite you to a great premiere that gives us an option of hope and authenticity. A wonderful proposal to enjoy and share an afternoon with your loved ones.

"Disobedience" is a success story, in which an urban family perfectly adapted to the current economic system takes a turn in their lives and finds true well-being for each of its members. In the process, several sympathetic situations of their own seek occur, and almost without realizing it, they have already transformed their routines and have given themselves a life that they hope to live with much greater intensity than the previous ambitions to which they used to clung, just like any other of us.

After experiencing an economic mishap, a woman who lived a posh life from her origin in Mexico City now goes back to danzón; a man changes air navigation for fertile soil and his children change their profession. A leap of faith to permaculture without more parachutes, allows them to activate, discover new skills that bring well-being to their bodies. Joy, the pleasure of feeling supported by others who come into movement with them and courage are the engine of these characters of our contemporary reality, with whom you will surely identify.

Disobedience invites us to imagine our own experience within the system, to open us up the possibilities of reinvention while aging with dignity, in harmony with nature and others.

We invite you to join us and enjoy this great film on Wednesday, May 6, 2020 at 5:00 pm Central Time. Follow the event on Facebook.

Once the full documentary is screened, at 05:20 pm, we will have an inspiring talk with the creators Johann Llamas, Ana Vázquez and Gabriela Villavicencio.

  • 5:00 pm (Central Time) - Screening of the short-film Disobedience
  • 5:20 pm (Central Time) - Conversation with Co-directors Johann Llamas and Ana Vazquez and with production-collaborator Gabriela Villavicencio.

You can also watch the short film for free on FilmLatino.

Desobediencia Poster