Randall Woodfin for Mayor

The Cooperative New School for Urban Studies and Environmental Justice officially endorses Randall Woodfin for Mayor. We have made a $100 donation in support of his campaign. Our decision is based solely on his endorsement of The Grassroots Coalition - Birmingham’s Black Agenda in which he tacitly supports cooperatives and explicitly supports community land trusts. Our endorsement of Woodfin does not mean that we trust him or his abilities to govern. His tenure at the Birmingham Board of Education was mixed at best, some will say poor. Our biggest concern with Woodfin is that he often acts as a conciliator when he should take a stand and does not seem to understand how to listen to the people exclusively and ignore all other interests. But, Woodfin has given us ammunition to hold him accountable by supporting the Black Agenda. We see our support of Woodfin as a strategic move to ensure that he will listen to us once elected. We do not expect Woodfin to follow through on his promises unless we hold his feet to the fire. This is Woodfin’s advantage over the two other candidates who could potentially win - Chris Woods and William Bell. We know for a fact that Bell cannot be held accountable to the people and that he serves the interests of corporations. Woods is little different, having made millions in the gentrification industry. Thus, we have Woodfin, and there is a chance that this man could be held accountable. He is a genuinely good person with flaws, and a person who has listened to our ideas and complaints even when he disagreed. Birmingham is changing rapidly. The Cooperative New School’s ideas are taking hold and people are starting to see that another Birmingham is possible. Elect Randall Woodfin and let’s make him fulfill his promises and create the Birmingham that is possible. The Cooperative New School is a c-corporation amended to make it a cooperative. It is not a non-profit.