Paul Rogé

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I am currently a Senior Program Officer for the McKnight Foundation's International Program. Previously, I coordinated the Certificate of Achievement in Urban Agroecology at Merritt College in Oakland, CA. In addition to co-founding the The Cooperative New School, I recently co-founded Agroecology Commons, a worker self-directed non-profit dedicated to popular education, land rematriation, and cooperative networks. As an agroecologist, and I have collaborated with various social movements around the world including the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST) in Brazil and the Center for Integral Farmer Development of the Mixteca Alta (CEDICAM) in the Mixteca Alta of Oaxaca, Mexico. I am committed to popular and experiential education and to participatory action research.

From 2019-2021, I coordinated the Certificate in Urban Agroecology at Merritt College, a community college located in Oakland, California. My courses at Merritt College included:

  • ENVMT 2 Introduction to Sustainable Systems
  • ENVMT 3 Social Issues in Agriculture
  • ENVMT 5 Bay Area Food Culture
  • ENVMT 35 Introduction to Urban Agroecology

My research have spanned a number of topics related to agroecology and food systems. I recently supported urban agroecology research on organic tillage systems at UC Berkeley. I sometimes take a creative approach to scholarship, such as using metaphors from improvisational dance to reflect on the practice of participatory action research in agroecology. My recent writing has focused on reports and book chapters related to my experience in experiential education and popular education. My postdoctoral research considered perennial staple food crops in Mali and Malawi, as well as linkages between farmers, agricultural extension, and research in Malawi. My doctoral research discussed farmer strategies for dealing with climatic variability in the Mixteca Alta of Oaxaca, Mexico.

PhD, University of California, Berkeley, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
BS, University of California, Berkeley, Conservation and Resource Studies