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Popular Online Education

The Cooperative New School is a fully online, cooperative next generation institution of higher education. The purpose of this institution is to prepare activists, organizers, and social entrepreneurs to survive and fight back in a rapidly changing world. We offer semester-long courses and webinars on the history, theory, and practice of social movements and community organizing. Our student ownership model creates a networked community of activist scholars rather than focusing on certificates or degrees. Student owners have the opportunity to get involved in research that is organized by both faculty and students. Student owners also have the ability to influence the governance of the Cooperative New School. With time, student- and faculty-owners can design certificates that meet students' needs.

The Environmental Justice Knowledge Factory

The Environmental Justice Knowledge Factory is the activist scholar arm of The Cooperative New School. The Factory focuses on producing whitepapers, plans, surveys, and other research intensive projects for community organizations, non-profits, law offices, and municipal governments. These contract research projects culminate into deliverables in the form of documents and/or reports that are intended for use in creating positive outcomes for vulnerable communities and neighborhoods under the tenets of environmental justice.