Worker Owners

The Cooperative New School is an institutional basis for community-based change and cooperative development. The faculty and staff are worker-owners and the students are consumer-owners.

Photo of Corbin

C.N.E. Corbin is a PhD Candidate at the University of California, Berkeley in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management within the Division of Society & Environment.

Photo Mel Figueroa

I am a PhD Candidate in Geography at UC Berkeley, former Press Director for the Stein/Baraka 2016 Presidential campaign, and a longtime political journalist, educator and organizer involved in a wide range of movements for social & environmental justice.

Photo of Zac

I am an educator, organizer, public organic intellectual, redneck, banjo player, and homespun gadfly. In 2016, I founded The Cooperative New School for Urban Studies and Environmental Justice. Over the next year, we grew from four to nine faculty- and staff-owners.

Photo of Paul Rogé

I am currently a Senior Program Officer for the McKnight Foundation's International Program. Previously, I coordinated an urban agroecology certificate at Merritt College in Oakland, California. I also co-founded a worker self-directed non-profit called Agroecology Commons.

I am an urban agroecology educator or urbicultora at UNAM, UAQ and ENSQ. I am also an ESL Teacher for future Secondary education teachers. My researchs interests include topics related to community forestry co-ops governance, forest products marketing, urban agroecology and language for Normalistas teachers with a focus on agroecological pedagogies.