The Cooperative New School for Urban Studies and Environmental Justice | a knowledge common

Introducing the Cooperative New School

We live in a time of profound and rapid change. The globe is warming. Our lakes, rivers, and seas are polluted. Much of our arable land is salted, its fertility depleted. Migration and displacement are the norm and not the exception. Systems of dominance, death-dealing systems, have created a world that is increasingly inhospitable to life.

Those of us at the Cooperative New School work to dismantle these death dealing systems. Our method is popular education, a time tested approach for building learning communities that lead to action on the ground. As student-teachers and teacher-students, each of us has the capacity to produce the knowledge that will change the world. Education is the foundation for a socially, economically, and environmentally just future.

How to make this future a reality? We must acknowledge past and current inequalities across race, class, and gender. We must consider new and creative ways -- rooted in critical thought and radical love -- to organize and enact global and local strategies for change. We bring environmental justice, social justice, and organizing strategies to the people, to make knowledge accessible to everyone. In community, we seek to change the hearts and minds of everyday people to realize their agency as activists, community organizers and social entrepreneurs. We are scholar activists.