Invitation to the webinar on Political Ecology

Aware of our interdependence, the CNS resonates with transitioning to alternative, informal, and distance pedagogies aimed at collectively learning and rebuilding other models of life and ecological landscapes closer to our reality and hopeful to the neighborhood, the family, the farm, the comrades with those of us who share strength. We want to think about another alternative education to those of hierarchy, dominance, appropriation, of racist and classism, verticalality, hetero-patriarchy, single-mindedness, of dispossession and ultimately war, and polarizations that we are witnessing. We dare to challenge ourselves to reconstruct our personal, creative, transdisciplinary and collective narratives.

In this webinar series, we seek to shift the logic of building ourselves as individuals to twinning in cultural projects where our children build in terms of care, coexistence and that we can design new worlds of solidarity and reciprocity. We share the vision of the Porto Alegre Social Forum and the Latin American social justice movement that seek to dialogue and put happiness and life at the center of our being and doing. With some examples of social organization of some struggles of Latin American peoples, the formation in communality of Oaxaca, Decoloniality and Political Ecology we will analyze our daily and creative practices. Thus, we want to replace the passive nouns of consumption: food, education, health, products to open possibilities in active verbs of reworking and to act imaginatively in the post-pandemic from different places, that is, from different ways of learning, healing, eating and doing.

Join us in this webinar discussion. We will be at your service providing prompts to start the discussion. Our costs help us self-manage our independent virtual educational platform and drive parallel grassroots organizational processes.

webinar flyer